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Rey Stenberg attended Johnson & Wales University and worked in the culinary field before starting Stonewash Magazine. She founded Stonewash Magazine out of her genuine love of fashion, and her appreciation for the beauty and charm of the finer things in life. However, the magazine is not merely a celebration of luxury. Stonewash Magazine - "Where Fashion and Lifestyle Meet" also includes reaching out to educate people about health, nutrition and fitness, and helping young women and men build self-esteem through style, self-care and self-expression.
Stenberg has always been fascinated by the dynamism of the fashion world. She sees it as a “revolving door” in which trends and industry practices are always changing over time, but often return proudly to their origins. Stonewash Magazine is Stenberg’s way of taking part in the conversation, keeping track of the latest in fashion and influencing its direction as well, by highlighting upcoming Designers that are lesser known to the fashion world.
Stenberg feels that in the era of online shopping, much of the face-to-face interaction that has long been the engine of small business is being lost, and highlighting the exquisite products and services offered by their boutiques, restaurants, microbreweries and other venues of expression.
The name Stonewash Magazine originates from Stenberg’s childhood in Monrovia, Liberia. To this day, Stenberg carries happy childhood memories of Saturdays spent in the West African Country, sitting on the steps of her home and keeping her grandmother (The late Rebecca Porte) company as she hand-washed the family laundry. Porte, known to Sternberg as "Mama" also designed and sewed each article of clothing Stenberg wore. When it came time to naming the magazine, Stenberg saw a way to make a dedication to her grandmother, and create a name that recalls positive feelings about her family and her origins. In Dedication of Rebecca L. Porte
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