Chatham Candy Manor is a candy shop located in Chatham, MA, a town located at the southeastern tip of Cape Cod. Founded in 1955 by Naomi Louise Turner, the Manor specializes in fudge, candy canes and hand-dipped chocolates, all crafted on-site with an artisan’s touch. The chocolates and other confections come in a fantastic array of shapes, shades, fillings and flavors. Open year-round, Chatham Candy Manor provides a way for vacationers and local residents to literally bring home sweet memories from the Cape. Susan Carroll and Kim Marsh, co-managers of Chatham Candy Manor, were kind enough to answer a few questions for Stonewash Magazine.


Q: Chatham Candy Manor’s website says that the Manor started in 1955 as a seasonal enterprise orchestrated by Naomi L. Turner. When did the operation gain enough steam to become a year-round business?

A: We started staying open year round in the early 1980s. We have been blessed with an amazing year round staff, most of whom have been with us for 5, 10, 20 or 30 years or more. We bring in High school and College students during the Summer months… and are lucky that some come back for their Winter breaks just in time for the Christmas rush.

Q: How long did it take to adapt the business plan to the rhythms of the New England seasons?

A: Since we were “born” in New England… we have grown with the growth of seasonal population and demand for off season mail orders.

Q: Which varieties of candy are made on-site at the Manor?

A: We hand dip all of our chocolates. All of the centers, i.e. caramel, butter creams, truffles, etc. are made on our stove in the front window along with all of our many varieties of fudge. We also make hand-made candy canes every Christmas.

Q: Just how far back do the handmade fudge recipes go? Are there any stories behind their origins?


A: Our Fudge recipes go back longer than any of us can remember. They were all the product of hard work and devotion by our founder [Naomi L. Turner]. New varieties make seasonal appearances… but the traditional flavors are still the top sellers.


Q: In the candy cane video from the website, the skill and speed of the candy makers is striking. How much collective experience is there among the staff at the Manor? How does one become an expert/artisan candy maker in the first place?

A: The Candy Canes are by far the most labor intense product we make. As with all of our candy… practice, patience and a certain artistic flair are all part of becoming an “expert.”

Q: What is the most difficult candy or sweet to make at the store, and why?

A: Again… candy canes. Not only are they labor intense… but there are so many points in the process where things can go wrong.



 Q: How much sugar would you estimate the Manor goes through in a year? How much cocoa?

A: On average we use over 20,000 pounds of sugar per year and over 15,000 pounds of chocolate.

Q: Are new products introduced from time to time, or does the Manor generally stick to the classics?

 A: We are always looking for new ideas. We tend to use the quieter time in January to experiment.

Q: How important is customer service at the Chatham Candy Manor?

A: Customer service is our highest priority. We continually work with our staff to make sure each customer, in house or on the phone or web site receive the best experience possible.

Q: How does the Manor stay connected with the community – local residents and vacationers alike?

A: As one of the oldest businesses in town, we have a long tradition of community involvement… from the annual Easter Egg Hunt to the Taste of Chatham, Arts Council functions, school fund raisers… we like to be part of the fun.

Q: If you could recommend just two of your candies for a new customer to try, what would they be, and why?

A: We polled the staff and could not come up with just two. The list includes… Any of our home made caramel products (sea salt caramels, cranberry turtles, tortoises [caramel and chunky peanut butter]), any of our truffles… and of course… Non-Pareil’s!

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