Jaclyn Zukerman-Entrepreneurial Success

Young or old, we all dream of becoming successful in the course of our lifetime. For some, success is a dream that never becomes a reality. But for the fortunate ones like Jaclyn Zukerman, A Radio Personality Host, Event Planner, and CEO of a Digital Marketing & Media Placement Agency, proves that dreams do come true. Zukerman, better known as Jackie to those who know her, agreed to chat with Stonewash Magazine regarding her entrepreneurial success.









We ask Zukerman, do you prefer the name Jackie or Jaclyn?

“Jaclyn sounds fancier, so I like it-when I want to feel fancy.” She laughs, as she tells Stenberg-publisher of Stonewash Magazine.


Tell us about JZ Social Enterprises, and “The Social Scene With JZ”?

“I started both JZ Social Enterprises Podcast, and The Social Scene With JZ in January of 2015. The home base for both business is located in Everett MA. I am the sole owner of both businesses, but I do work with many different outlets, so I do have a ton of fabulous affiliates. JZ Social Enterprises is a Digital Marketing and Media Placement Agency. We work with start-ups to designers, musicians, entrepreneurs and even celebs to assist with day to day social media, website development, retail placement, networking events and of course getting the word out through media placement from magazines to television.”

“JZ Social Enterprises also offers podcast marketing/blogging where we allow our clientele to get a quicker outreach in a shorter span of time . JZ Social Enterprises podcast is called “The Social Scene with JZ” it allows guests to “GETSCENE” through the podcast, social media sponsored posts, JZ Social Enterprises Blog, Partnered Blogger Outlets in addition to Magazine Partnered outlets one including the fabulous ‘Stonewash Magazine.” “The Social Scene concept came from a previous radio start-up I was with. They said whatever I do should be called the Social Scene because I am social and enjoy showcasing so many different talents. Therefore since my initials are JZ i figured to pair the title “The Social Scene with JZ.”


Five months ago, if someone had asked me what a Podcast Radio talk show was, I would have had a deer caught in a headlight look on my face. So, for those who are not familiar with the term Podcast Radio, could you explain it?

“Yes of course.” Zukerman replies with a smile. “Podcast Radio is more of a talk radio with less music. Majority of the shows are pre-recorded. It allows audio listeners to be able to listen to shows when they can if they can’t listen to it live.”
“I love interviewing people who want to share their story, I really feel there is always something you can learn . I personally enjoy interviewing people who have a positive attitude on life and great charisma, i think that also helps intrigue people to learn more about who you are and what you do.” “I meet potential clients through networking, social media. I am finding now after being in business for a little over a year I am getting a ton of referrals an repeat clients which is awesome! So thank you! If you’re reading this.”


We’ve seen some photos of you and celebrities, how did that come about? And did you get to interview them for your Podcast Radio talk show?

“YES! Well, as you can tell I love networking and talking since I have a radio show. I’ve worked as a Talent Agent for two plus years, I’ve also worked at HOT97 in NYC, and Event Planning for eight plus years. My unique life experience has given me the privilege of meeting and connecting with celebrities.” “The first celebrity I ever met was Mary Joe Fernandez-runner-up in three Grand Slam singles tournaments and won two Grand Slam women’s doubles titles and two Olympic gold medals. I was only five years of age, and was asked to presented her with an award at the Country Club my family and I belong to. Looking back, I would say that was pretty cool.”

“I started to become really cool with celebrities in 2013 when I attended a breast cancer fundraiser event. At the event there were a few reality stars who attended. I met Amanda Bertoncini from the show “Princesses of Long” a Bravo reality show. She allowed me do a “trial interview” of her, for a reel. It was such a cool experience to meet someone in the “world of reality television”, who was not only willing to hear me out, but agreed to an interview!”

“From that moment on, I have really gained the confidence to be myself around celebrities. Also was pleased to have one of my clients as a vendor at New York Fashion Week, it was an an experience I will never forget!” I have hung-out with some of the stars from “The Real Housewives of New York City,” to actress and television host star Whoopi Goldberg, and so many more stars.”






Jaclyn Zukerman-Entrepreneurial Success

What’s the next step for JZ Social Enterprises, And The Social Scene? Where do you see yourself in 2017?

“Next step for JZ Social Enterprises is to try video product reviews.There are so many talented people who create amazing products for pets to tech and lifestyle/fashion products. I would love to help get the word out visually and through audio for the many talents out there!”


“I would also like to start my own video talk show, visual-that is. In today’s world, everything is becoming visual, more so than audio. What inspired me about visual talk show, was my “motivational Monday selfie videos.” I receive over three hundred plus views a day. I feel if I can do selfie videos and get that many views, I can work on getting more people involved-make more videos and watch my audience grow.”





What advice would you give to someone who is interested in doing what you do?

“Network with people you look up to in the “Industry.” Be open to opinions, the only way to learn and grow is from different opinions of people from all walks of life. It makes you a better business person. At the end of the day don’t be afraid to fail and make a mistake, you can only learn from them and get better. I truly feel some of my mistakes and failures have allowed me to be able to have the strength to open my own business. Also, one last thing; don’t be afraid to go out and network by yourself. I have found it to be one of the most rewarding things I have done.”





Written and edited by R.Stenberg

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