The Man Behind The Music with Mr. Hirsh Gardner

In December of 2014, a year after the band “New England” had their reunion show at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA, we sat down with Music Producer and drummer of the band “New England,” Mr. Hirsh Gardner for an exclusive interview following nearly thirty years of a successful musical journey.

Today, we are following up with Mr. Gardner once again, to see what he’s been up to since we last spoke.







What is currently going on with the band? Has there been anymore shows together? or new releases?  “Well, the reunion show was a spectacular success. It was pretty much a full house and we had friends and fans from all over the world. I find it quite humbling that people from as far away as Japan, England Canada and all over the States came to the show. Since then we’ve released a vinyl single “I Know There’s Something Here”    a record, as they called it in the other century. Its available at the New England web site, as well as the digital download.”


The last time we spoke, you also spoke to Stonewash Magazine about a solo project. Have you done anything about your solo project?  “I’m having a blast with the solo project and live shows. I’ve got the new web site up On it you can find all kinds of videos, pictures, my blog, a list of current and upcoming gigs and what I’m most proud of is the release of my new single on GB Music “if you need t’talk”. I have Jimmy Waldo, my New England bandmate playing keyboards and Richie Ranno from the group Starz on lead guitar. The response has been great so I hope more people will log onto the site and download the song…it’s a rocker!!”


What’s in the works for the upcoming year or months for you as a Solo Artist or for the Band?  “My focus will be on the solo project for the next year. If folks follow me on Facebook and my web site…the plan is to release a new song every two to three months. “if you need t’talk” was the first release and I have another coming out soon. I’ll leak the title to you Rey…”My Brain Needs A Holiday”!!! Ha…I love that title”


Being a Music Producer as well as a drummer for New England, are you currently working with new and upcoming talent?  If so, do you only look for new talent in the genre of “Rock” or do you dap in different genre of music? “Music is music is music is…A great song is a great song. I get inspired by a great vocalist, who is singing a great lyric so I really don’t care what genre it is. If it’s something way out of my wheelhouse I can always collaborate.”


You are a great admirer of Gary Eichhorn’s Music & Youth Initiative, a Boston-area program that provides free after-school music sessions at YMCAs and other facilities for economically disadvantaged young people. The program features top-flight instruments and equipment donated by major manufacturers. Are you still involved in the program? And how is it going?   “I love what Gary and his organization are doing. Providing kids with instruments to play music after school and keeping them in a safe environment is such a blessing that he’s bestowed on the many communities that he serves. David Bickel, who is Gary’s right hand man is handling the day to day organization and is also doing a fantastic job.”


Someone in your Industry, “whose been there and done that” in the world of music, are there some musicians from your past that you’ve remained friends with after so many years? And were they a positive influence in your musical career?  “I do have some friends that have done very well for themselves in the industry and the yes, they remain an influence on me. Not to name drop but I’ve known Steven Tyler since the early 70’s and love what he’s done with his career. You know, when I grow up I think I want to be just like him. But seriously, in junior high I tried to take instrumental music and they wouldn’t let me because of my poor grades. I then met Francis J. Francis, the high school music teacher. He let me join the band in spite of my grades. With Francis as my mentor and teacher I eventually became president of the music class and went on to graduate with honors. Working with people who are positive, constructive and supportive, even if you stumble and fail, even if the vocal was a little flat or the lyrics to your song weren’t that good…those are the people that you want in your life so you all keep moving forward. Who knows, you may have the hit song some day!”


If your fans, or someone wanted to purchase your new single, or one of New England’s music-how do they go about doing so? Is there any links or information?  “Supporting music and artists is something that we can’t lose site of and I’m afraid that we are. I’ll go to a show and buy an artist’s CD just because I know that the production costs of that CD were probably very high. It mat not even be my cup of tea but we have to continue to support artists. Do you know that most artists of the 80s and 90’s don’t record albums anymore because the return on the investment is so low? So YES…you can buy my new single (if you need t’talk) on my website
I’ll be very happy that you have it and are supporting the artists that make it!!!”


Written by R.Stenberg






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