For many centuries, society has played a major role on how women choose to live their lives. Society teaches little girls, that it’s important to wear dresses, “act like a lady”, get married, have children and live happily ever after with prince charming. That little girl grows up into a woman, she’s anticipating being swept off her feet by Prince charming. It becomes a rude awaking when she finds out; life is not what she’d hope for. That you might have to wait around forever, before meeting prince charming, and then finding out he isn’t so charming after all. That having a child does not guarantee a happy ending; it may bring you more baby mama drama you can’t escape. That getting old has not made you wiser, just more confused than you were yesterday.
Life’s Complicated Moments is “being stuck in the moment”. The cheating husband who couldn’t keep it in his pants. The “home-wrecker” who’s looking for love and attention in all the wrong places. The woman who pretends to love her single life, but everyday she’s fantasying about the relationship she does not have. You will find yourself going through the many stages of life and it’s nothing like you thought it would be. Why didn’t anyone tell me about Life’s Complicated Moments? You say to yourself. But do you really want to know?

Life’s Complicated Moments happen when we travel down the same path, that path of familiarity. The warning signs are there from the start, but are overlooked to achieve what we think is best for us. The end result is more toxic than we could ever imagine. If you find yourself reading this book, you can perhaps say you’ve been down that road, or know someone who has. There is nothing to be ashamed off, you are not the only woman who has been there and have done that.

From The Book-“Life’s Complicated Moments”



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~The Situation~


What are you hiding in your closet? Rumor has it, you’ve got a great big skeleton in your closet? Someone told someone, who told somebody they saw you and your man at Jim Bob’s party last Friday night. Everyone in town knows, that Friday night's, at Jim Bob’s house is swinger’s night.
One can only assume that you and your man are now members of Jim Bob’s elite club. Go ahead try to convince the world, that your sex life is off the charts, and the only next best thing was to take it to the next level. 
Convince the world, that it was your decision to have sex with random people. Was Jim Bob offering a two for one discount if you join his elite club? Try Convincing your friends, what joy it is-in watching the one you love fornicate another person, or the joy in having a room full of strangers watching you have sex!

~Somewhere in La-La-Land, You Lost Your Mind~


Life is complete; you have found a way to fulfill all of your sexual needs, and it does not have to be with that one special person in your life. You and your partner both have the same understanding of what it is you’re doing; sharing your body with strangers and friends was the missing piece of the pie. The both of you are quite happy and decide to share your secrets with family members and friends. You want everyone to know just how happy you are, hoping it will help to better their sex life. The more the merrier! It’s the tune you’re singing to, these days.

~Somewhere down back on earth, here’s what really happens~


I think you know how the problem started? You have lost your mind young lady and your adventurous husband has got too much time on his hands. One two many porn videos has turned your husband into Ron Jeremy and you’ve become the fluff girl. Group sex is like porn, except you’re not getting paid, but I guess you already knew that. 
Who came up with the idea of joining Jim Bob’s elite circle of friends, was it your husband? Did your wild and crazy husband tell you; vaginas are like cars? It’s meant to be test driven a few times before you can find the right one. Maybe he wanted to test drive a couple of use cars; to see if the one he has is worth keeping. Your husband is only doing what his mother thought him to do as a child; and that’s to share. I have a friend who’s dying to become a member of your swingers club; his name is STD. He can’t wait to meet you all! Maybe that skeleton needs to stay in your closet after all.

From The Book-"Life's Complicated Moments"
-Written by: R.Stenberg(Author); Frank Mooney (Editor)

Wife and servant are the same, But only differ in the name, For when that fatal knot is ty'd, Which nothing, nothing can divide, When she the word obey has said, And man by law supreme has made, Then all that's kind is laid aside, And nothing left but state and pride, Fierce as an eastern prince he grows, And all his innate rigour shows, Then but to look, to laugh, or speak, Will the nuptial contract break.  -Lady Mary Chudleigh


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